Pinch rolls & Tail Breaker

The Pinch rolls are mainly used to push the hot rolled to the another train. The pinch rolls will be installed between two rolling mill drives and in between two opposite install shears.


  • Housing will be of steel
  • Pinion body steel fabricated
  • Roll will be of EN-31
  • Gear will be of forged steel EN-9 / 19 / 24.
  • Anti friction Spherical Roller Bearing.
  • Forged lubrication.
  • Efficiently peak load worked design.


  • Automatic start / stop type
  • Sturdy cased steel fabricated body.
  • Gear will be hardened & grinded for smooth run.
  • Transparent & Heat dissipation window.
  • Spray lubrication for gear teeth.
  • Double oil seals to protect any leakage.
  • Heavy Duty steel fabricated housing.
  • Forged Steel EN-8 fully machined Shaft.
  • Heavy Duty steel fabricated housing.