Rotary shearing machines

The Rotary shears are used in cutting hot rolling front ends and tail end. These shears are also used to cut the bars into desired length before the cooling bed. These Shears are automatically started / stop type. These Shears are controlled through PLC System. Very close tolerance of the cut length. Generally these Shears are used to trim Hot Rolled Bars considerably at lower speed.


  • Fixed / Movable Rotary Shear available.
  • Gear will be of forged steel EN-9 / 19 / 24.
  • Anti friction Spherical Roller Bearing.
  • Forged lubrication.
  • Efficiently peak load worked design.


  • Sturdy cased steel fabricated body.
  • Gear will be hardened & grinded for smooth run.
  • Transparent & Heat dissipation window.
  • Spray lubrication for gear teeth.
  • Double oil seals to protect any leakage.
  • Forged Steel EN-8 fully machined Shaft.
  • Heavy Duty steel fabricated housing.